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Research Laboratory Prof. Höfler

Our main goal is to understand how lipid metabolism is interconnected to the development and progression of cancer. In a multidisciplinary approach our lab brings together researchers from basic and clinical sciences. Together, we strive to integrate basic and translational research strategies to successfully translate novel findings from molecules to humans. We are based at the Institute of Pathology, Medical University of Graz (MUG), in a beautiful area of the city. With a long-standing experience in bio-specimen collection and analysis, the Institute of Pathology provides an advanced infrastructure for cancer research. Our team collaborates extensively with specialists from the Center for Medical Research (ZMF) core facilities, also located at the MUG. Further important cooperations include R. Zechner from the IMB, University of Graz; T. Jacks, M.I.T. and K. Birsoy, Rockefeller University.

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