Institut für Pathologie

Medizinische Universität Graz

Christian Doppler laboratory for biospecimen research and biobanking technologies

funding scheme: cooperation of science and economysupervising institution: Christian-Doppler Research Association (CDG)


Human biological materials (tissue, cells, body fluids) contain valuable information about genetic and non-genetic causes of diseases and on factors which influence the disease outcome. Proper access to large numbers of high quality biological samples was identified as the major bottle neck in most fields of academic and industrial biomedical research. The research work of the CD laboratory should lay the foundation for new approaches and technologies in biobanking and biospecimen research, particularly providing solutions for exploiting the opportunities of next generation sequencing and metabolomics in the context of molecular pathology. The technologies developed and knowledge generated should also provide the rationale for a series of new diagnostics and therapeutic approaches.

The  research work focuses on four main topics:

  1. The development and testing of new technologies for sample stabilization for multimodal biomarkers with special emphasis on inactivation of pathogens by the PAXgene fixative.
  2. The development and testing of new solutions for sample collection and preservation for metabolomics studies, particularly addressing the needs of NMR-based metabolomics.
  3. The development and testing of new solutions for sample collection and preservation for metagenomics studies.
  4. The establishment of a robust and simple pre-analytical workflow for the analysis of moderate/high risk pathogens in tissues.


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